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    OXO-BIO DEGRADABLE PE BAGS (certificate number 09070063)

„Mega Plasta MPT„ manufactures blown film made of LDPE (smooth) and HDPE (rustling) and from these types of film we make:

  • boutique bags,
  • T-shirt bags,
  • sacks,
  • bags with draw tape for binding,
  • bags for freezers,
  • bags for infectious waste,
  • film prepared for printing,
  • printed film.

of all sizes and colours. We are the only company in Serbia that produces garbage bags on roll with draw tape:




In our factory we recycle the clean waste that is made in the process of production, and in this way we contribute to the conservation of energy, protection of resorces and reduction of pollution. In cooperation with the Ministry for the protection of environment we introduced oxo-bio degradable PE bags among our standard products. These bags are officially certified by Symphony environmental from England (certificate number 09070063), which is in line with the implementation of European standards which have positive effect on environment.

We believe we can establish a successful business cooperation based on mutual interest. If you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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